Stephen Shore

Stephen Shore

Stephen Shore

“A picture happens when something inside connects, an experience that changes as the photographer does” – Stephan Shore

Stephen Shore  is said to be known for his “deadpan” images which means generally no expression, he takes pictures mostly of dead objects or scenery in the United States of America, and almost brings them to life with his use of colour and camera angle.  Shore is also highly applauded for his use of originality in colour in art photography. Stephen Shore self-taught him self as a young child and was interested in photography from a young age.

By Stephen Shore

By Stephen Shore

 In this image Shore gives us depth and a real life atmosphere to make viewers feel as if they are in the photograph.

Kripple Bush- Stephen Shore

Kripple Bush- Stephen Shore

 This photographic image is beautiful and pleasing to the eye, it makes me want to be there. It is an unusual concept of a man made pool (something you would have in a built-up area) and the countryside (a very organic land), but they gel together well with the time of day the photo was taken and the perfect weather. Shore has played with colours once again matching the colour of the sky with the luxurious colour of the water, with a horizon line (the trees) as a separation.  

Shore’s photographs are real and give a slight sense of nostalgia they are all around quite pleasurable.


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