Rob Ryan (artist/designer/illustration)


 I came across Rob Ryan whilst reading a Vogue magazine, I realy loved the dress that he designed out of paper cut-outs. The creativity inspired me to create my own cut outs for my A level art exam.


Starting at a young age Rob Ryan loved the scene of Art, and went on to develop a career in screen printing. After mastering screen printing Ryan became interested in cutting through paper, and experimented with different materials and thicknesses of  paper. He would make beautiful delicate cut-outs playing around with type and image. 

Rob Ryan now focuses mainly on his delicate cut-outs, with his own studio that he likes to hibernate in, then comes out with the most beautiful intricate hand cut-out works.


His main subjects used for his art work are based apone his life storys, this includes his love for his family, battles of growing up and beeing loved, playing love games and sometimes his negivivity towards hard everyday life.


Rob Ryan has also been asked to illustrate book covers and C.D covers and had composed and illustrated his very own story book.

Interview In Vogue Magazine issue



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