Modernism is a style that grows to fit new era’s , cultural tendencies and culturalmovements, it is the style that puts all traditional art in the past. Pop art was a big change to the Art scene, with artists like Andy Warhole, Jasper Johns and Keith Haring, they broke the boundary’s and made people think more deeply into what art is and how it should be.

This is a Jasper Johns Piece, an explosion of colour and text imitatingthe wrong colours inside. It breaks all rules of traditional paintings for example he has used a mixture of hot and cold colours together to create chaos . I absolutely love it, its amazing to look at! and makes you feel vulnerable but alive.

Modernism in my opinion was the best thing to ever happen to art, beforeit was to predictable, but now there are no boundary’s or were to stop. It has widened the scale of art and has made more people question art work, also given people opinions for there own.


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